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What is TalkRx Sky?

TalkRx Sky is a secure, reliable, and feature-rich hosted VoIP system purpose-built for pharmacies. Our system offers all the traditional phone services your business needs, plus HD voice quality and the kind of advanced features that only a cloud-based platform can provide. TalkRx Sky easily integrates into any pharmacy software system to allow customers to refill prescriptions, find information, and communicate with your team like never before.

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Core Benefits


With multiple system redundancy features and options for failover, our cloud-based VoIP system offers greater stability and reliability than any traditional phone service. With 99.9% uptime, TalkRx Sky keeps your business running smoothly and your customers happy.


Protecting your customers’ data and staying compliant are top priorities for every pharmacy. TalkRx Sky constantly monitors your server to protect your data in real-time, using multi-factor authentication, automatic intrusion prevention, and advanced data encryption.


TalkRx Sky can scale to meet the needs of any business. So, whether your pharmacy receives three calls a day or 3,000, our system can support your growing business with unlimited lines, automated communications, and multi-site capabilities.


If you’re tired of budgeting for costly hardware upgrades, call capacity you may never use, and both phone and fax bills — TalkRx Sky is your answer. With our unlimited lines, built-in electronic fax, and simple scalability options, you’ll cut down on expenses and headaches.

Change the way you communicate.

Crystal-clear voice quality is only the beginning with TalkRx Sky. Our system is packed with features and integrations specifically designed to empower and support pharmacies.

Key Features

Encrypted HD Voice Service

Stay compliant while experiencing calls the way they were meant to be heard — in vivid HD. With our end-to-end digital infrastructure, call quality has never been clearer or more secure.

Outbound Calling

Using information from your pharmacy software system, TalkRx Sky can automatically call customers to let them know their prescriptions are ready for pickup.

Prescription Refill IVR

With our easy-to-use IVR system, routine customer calls are 100% automated. Customers can even order refills, with requests sent directly from your IVR to your pharmacy software.

Electronic Fax Integration

Save time and paper. With TalkRx Sky, incoming faxes are delivered directly to your pharmacy software system. That means less scanning, less printing, and less waste.

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Advanced Features for Every Pharmacy

Music on Hold

Easily upload and manage your own hold music or advertising messages.

Profile Management

Locate patient profiles and prescription information with the click of a button.


Connect with patients, doctors, and insurance companies with a single click from your pharmacy software.

After Hours On-Call Management

Provide after hours services to patients without providing personal information or phone numbers.

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Multi-Site Setup

Easily communicate between stores or call centers and seamlessly transfer callers from one store to another.

Voicemail Archive

Pause, rewind, and replay any voicemail at any time — even years later.

Voice Capabilities

Get enhanced call features like ring groups, queue management, voicemail to email, and auto attendance.

Call Recording

Securely record, document, and archive any inbound or outbound call.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

With Vow’s innovative managed firewall services, you can rest easy knowing your customers’ data is safe and secure. TalkRx Sky customers even receive significant discounts on their firewall plan.

Unlimited Lines

Eliminate busy lines forever. With our scalable solution, your customers will always be able to reach you.

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Call Reporting

If you’re looking to become a URAC- or ACHC-accredited specialty pharmacy, TalkRx Sky can help. Our system provides built-in call reporting capabilities that can support you on the road to accreditation. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Telepharmacy Support

Considering expanding your telepharmacy capabilities? Vow can help make that dream a reality with a wide range of video conferencing solutions powered by TalkRx Sky. Our secure video communications can empower your pharmacists to counsel patients, authorize refills, prescribe drugs, and more from any remote location. Call or email us today to discuss your specific needs.

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