TalkRx: Stand-Alone IVR

The simplest way for enterprise-class businesses to automate calls and improve efficiencies.

What is Stand-Alone IVR?

Our Stand-Alone IVR solution automates routine customer calls for things like prescription refills, store hours, and voicemails. As a stand-alone product, this IVR solution is perfect for pharmacies in universities, hospitals, and other enterprises that have already invested in ultra-modern data and phone infrastructures.

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Core Benefits


Whether you receive 50 calls per day or 500, Stand-Alone IVR allows callers to find the information they need quickly without waiting in a call queue. The result? A better experience for your customers and fewer distractions for your staff.


Stand-Alone IVR was designed with adaptability in mind. Our dynamic and flexible menu allows you to set custom greetings for things like holidays and upcoming events or even schedule scripts and music to automatically change at certain times of the day.


Our easy-to-use Stand-Alone IVR can seamlessly integrate into any existing business phone system, is compatible with every pharmacy software on the market, and offers all the same features and benefits as our TalkRx Sky Prescription Refill IVR.

Key Features

Prescription Refill IVR

Automate 100% of routine customer calls and have refill requests sent directly from your IVR to your pharmacy software.

Outbound Calling

Our system can automatically call customers to let them know their prescriptions are ready for pickup.

Voicemail Archive

Pause, rewind, and replay any voicemail at any time — even years later.

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Ready to change the way you communicate?

Improve productivity both behind the counter and during patient counseling by automating routine customer calls. If you’re ready to communicate better, we’re ready to help.

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