When you support over 1,000 pharmacies, you get asked a few questions. Here, you’ll find our answers to the most common ones we hear.

Can I keep my same phone number and fax number?

Under most circumstances, yes. With coverage in over 98% of the U.S. rate centers, we are typically able to retain your existing phone and fax numbers. In situations where that isn’t possible, our services provide a variety of options to meet your needs.

Will I need to replace my phones?

In order to take full advantage of Vow’s pharmacy automations and service benefits, you will need to use our phone platform. This allows us to be your total communications partner, providing your phone service, phone system, and pharmacy integrations in one place. We’re always happy to work with you to provide an option that meets your unique needs.

Do I still need my local phone company?

No. When you work with Vow, we’ll manage all your voice and fax needs. You will, however, still need to maintain internet service through a local provider. Analog lines may be needed for things like ATMs, lottery machines, etc.

How fast does my internet need to be?

Our services typically require less than 1 Mbps. With today’s speeds, nearly all DSL/cable services can easily meet these needs. If you aren’t sure about your bandwidth or speeds, we’re happy to evaluate your connection for you.

Will callers get a busy signal with your service?

No. Our scalable solutions can handle a nearly unlimited number of calls.

What if my internet goes down?

Don’t worry. We offer multiple contingency options that can keep your pharmacy productive in the event of internet service interruptions. These options include: a failover to a secondary internet service provider, routing incoming calls to cell phones, a wireless WAN feature that tethers to a mobile hotspot, and more.

If I don’t have analog lines, what does my security system connect to?

You may opt to keep an analog line for your security system, but we strongly recommend electing for a cellular option for your alarm service. In our experience, analog lines are often cut during break-in attempts. Cellular options help avoid this common issue.

Do you come to install the system?

All Vow installations are performed remotely. With thousands of remote installations under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to guide you, your team, or an IT professional through the process. You’ll have a dedicated implementation team member to support you throughout the installation, and everything you need will arrive pre-configured and ready to connect.

How can I send faxes?
  • Fax Machine — We provide the equipment to enable your existing fax machine(s) to connect to our service.
  • Electronically — Our dashboard makes it easy to submit electronic documents for fax delivery.
  • Pharmacy Software — You can submit requests using a fax modem via your pharmacy software. If your software supports direct integrations, modems will no longer be necessary.
How do I receive faxes?

All incoming faxes will be received electronically. We’ve integrated a wide range of vendors into our platform, allowing us to deliver faxes directly into your pharmacy management software.

Can I send and receive faxes at the same time?

Absolutely. Our platform is robust enough to receive and send multiple faxes simultaneously.

Do you have a 100% success rate with your faxing?

We wish we could say yes, but no fax service can guarantee a 100% success rate. What we can say is that our platform has proven its reliability by delivering and receiving millions of faxes. We also support ECM (error correction mode), which guarantees an exact fax.

Do I get music on hold?

Absolutely. Our platform makes it easy to upload your favorite MP3 or wav file, and switching between tracks couldn’t be simpler.

Can you automatically call customers when their refills are ready?

Yes. Depending on your pharmacy software vendor’s capabilities, our outbound calling platform can provide call management, refill reminders, and much more. You can even create custom messages to communicate with your customers, making it even easier than before.

Do you have cordless phones?

Yes. We have a variety of phone options, including cordless. While these may not be as feature-rich as our desktop phone options, they’re perfect for staff members that are always on the go.

Do you offer any headsets to be hands-free?

We sure do! Our Plantronics option allows for hands-free usage. When combined with our TalkRx Reach app, you have a hands-free, mobile-friendly option in your pharmacy.

Is the phone server located at the pharmacy?

No. Our services are 100% cloud hosted. With no equipment at the store to fail or malfunction, we’re able to provide better support and configuration options.

Are there any hidden fees on the monthly service cost?

Absolutely not. The monthly service cost that you receive in your quote is the flat rate you will pay each month. There are never hidden costs or extra fees.

Can we choose to only use an IVR when we’re closed?

Yes. Our IVR system is fully customizable, so you may choose to have the IVR pick up only after hours, if you wish. After seeing how beneficial and time-saving the IVR can be, many customers choose to keep it on at all times.

Am I able to change store hours myself?

Yes. Your Vow dashboard makes it easy to change store hours, set holidays, and play automated announcements for store closing. Your dashboard is accessible from anywhere, and our user-friendly module makes updating these types of information super simple.

Can we create special announcements to be played to callers?

You sure can. You can even record special announcements and promotions right inside your dashboard. This is a great place to record marketing messages for things like flu shots, promotions, or store closings. Plus, our mobile-friendly dashboard makes it easy to add or manage your messages from anywhere.

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