Managed Firewall Support

The cybersecurity your business needs, minus all the headaches.

What are managed firewall services?

Put simply, firewalls help protect your system and your customers’ data by preventing intruders from accessing your network. Those that should have access are allowed through, while unwanted guests are unable to gain access. However, cybercriminals are always searching for new, more sophisticated ways to bypass business’s defenses, and that means that cybersecurity is a constant uphill battle. With Vow’s managed firewall services, our innovative team will take that work off your plate. We’ll handle all your cybersecurity so that you can focus on doing what you do best — serving your customers.


Firewall Support Tiers

At Vow, we understand that each pharmacy is different. That’s why we’ve developed a range of firewall support plans to meet every business need. Each tier offers unique advantages to help protect your pharmacy’s infrastructure, applications, and data. This cost-effective cybersecurity solution helps protect your customers and ensures your pharmacy remains compliant. The best part? TalkRx Sky customers receive discounts on all tiers!*

Internet Access Support
Multi-Wired WAN SupportConfiguration and support multiple ISPs on a single router allowing automatic failover and or load balancing between multiple internet providers
Port ForwardingAllow applications to be accessed from outside the pharmacy, e.g. access DVR system remotely
Wireless Network Support
PCI Scan Report ReviewReview results, remediate any flags, and provide any necessary documentation required for justifications
VPN — Remote UsersVPN users can securely connect to the pharmacy network from anywhere, allowing them to operate as if they were working directly in the pharmacy
*Maximum of 2 Dial-In VPN users when subscribed to Advanced Firewall Package
*Maximum of 64 Dial-In VPN users when subscribed to Pro Firewall Package
Site to Site (LAN to LAN) VPNAllows VPN connectivity to allow multiple pharmacy/site communication over secure VPN
*Maximum of 2 Site to Site VPNs when subscribed to Advanced Firewall Package
*Maximum of 64 Site to Site VPNS when subscribed to Pro Firewall Package
*Connections to Non Vow Managed Firewalls are available only for Pro Firewall Package
Wireless SeparationSegment your wireless network to secure your pharmacy network and devices
Multi-LAN (Port Based Off Firewall)
Automatic Firmware UpgradesAutomatic firmware upgrades help you maintain a secure and compliant network
Hardware ReplacementIn the event of a hardware outage, a replacement device will be pre-configured and shipped to you for a plug-and-play swap out
Wireless WAN FailoverProvides ability to failover to any available WiFi hotspot in the pharmacy, e.g. any cellular device with a data plan, allowing the pharmacy to continue operating
Load Balance/Routing Policy
Firewall Filtering Rules
Remote Logging
Multi-LAN/VLAN (Tagging)
Domain Blacklist (20)Block up to 20 domains, preventing access to them from the pharmacy
Content FilteringContent or information filtering can screen what content users have access to, e.g. pornographic content, violence, and hate-oriented content
High AvailabilityRequires purchase of multiple routers
Outbound Traffic Filtering

Key Features

Prevent Access

Our firewall solutions prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private hosted environment.

Security Options

Customize your security criteria to meet your pharmacy’s unique needs. You can even block access to specific ports.

Restrict Traffic

Want to prevent or limit inbound traffic flow to a set of source IP addresses? With Vow, you can.

Filter Traffic

Take control of your network by allowing the router to examine and filter inbound and outbound network traffic.

Additional Features

Customize your security even further with options like a VPN, DMZ, and more.

Protect what matters most — your customers.

Vow’s managed firewall services make it easy to get the advanced cybersecurity your pharmacy needs without any of the hassle. While you grow your business, we’ll make sure its protected.

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