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PBX Onsite Solution

All-In-One Communication System – Phone & IVR In One!

Our onsite IVR system allows customers to refill their prescriptions over the phone without any pharmacy interaction. Since it integrates with your pharmacy system, pharmacy productivity is increased and customer hold time is eliminated. This in-house refill system will answer every call or can be configured to answer only if the pharmacy cannot.

Reduce Wait Times

Regardless of the volume of inbound calls a company receives, a self-service application allows callers to get the information they need without waiting in a call queue. This results a better customer experience, which enhances the brand overall.

Automate Common Tasks

By automating common customer inquires such as calls, refill requests, store hour questions, ect through the IVR.  This can enable employees ways to better balance their time. For example, with IVR for refill requests, no more answering continues calls to process refills.  Instead let the IVR system work for you and add all the requests are sent your software electronically.  

Hours Schedule

Calls can be handled differently depending on what time of day it is. The greeting customers hear can change depending if you are open or closed, or other time conditions.  Play special greetings for holidays or upcoming events. These schedules can be implemented automatically or on demand as needed. No waiting for script changes or cd’s. Our menus are dynamic and flexible, allowing us to change them at a moment’s notice.

Advanced Caller Routing

Since we control both the phone and the IVR system, callers can be routed more efficiently and quicker than ever before. We can direct callers based off a number of variables.  No Matter the situation, no one can handle calls better than the TalkRx phone system.

Spend time filling prescriptions, NOT on the phone.

Refill request and doctor voicemail’s are both queued in the pharmacy system. Prescriptions can be filled faster with less interruption since the system has already validated refill availability.  Other features are the following:

  • Connect Multiple Locations
    With our in-house IVR system we can connect multiple locations together for extension to extension dialing.
  • Electronic FAX
    Gone are the days of paper faxes.  You can send and receive paperless, or still use your existing fax machine.  Faxes can even come directly into your pharmacy system.
  • Voicemail Archive
    Never a question if something was filled incorrectly. Pause, rewind, or repeat doctor or patient voicemails, even years later.
  • Prescription Refill IVR
    Take prescription refill request directly through the IVR system and integrate with your software vendor that increases store productivity.
  • Professional or Custom Greetings
    Customize your IVR greeting to meet your needs or we can have it professionally recorded.

Advanced PBX Onsite Features

Outbound Calling (OBC)

Using information from your pharmacy software we can automatically call your customers to let them know that their prescriptions are ready for pickup. Free up staff for other tasks.

Multi-Site Setup

Connect Multiple locations together.  Easily communicate between stores or transfer callers to other locations.  Ask us about our central call solution for your stores.

**Features may vary based upon pharmacy software vendor.**


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