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Stand-Alone IVR Solution

Integrated, Reliable, Effective, and Great Benefit

Reduce your costs by automating routine customer calls for prescription refill requests, store hours, doctor voice mails, or other common issue calls.

Current Phone System Integration

TalkRx IVR Only Solution can seamlessly connect and integrate with your current business phone system.     

Reduce Wait Times

Regardless of the volume of inbound calls a company receives, a self-service application allows callers to get the information they need without waiting in a call queue. This results a better customer experience, which enhances the brand overall.

Hours Schedule

Calls can be handled differently depending on what time of day it is. The greeting customers hear can change depending if you are open or closed, or other time conditions.  Play special greetings for holidays or upcoming events. These schedules can be implemented automatically or on demand as needed. No waiting for script changes or cd’s. Our menus are dynamic and flexible, allowing us to change them at a moments notice.

Designed with YOU in mind.

TalkRX IVR Only solution designed with your needs in mind. Seamless integration and ease of use allows TalkRx to meet both you and your customers needs.

  • Personalized Greeting
    Use your own personalized touch to the IVR greeting, or have one professionally created.  The option is yours.
  • Prescription Refills IVR
    Take prescription refill requests directly through the IVR system and integrate with your software vendor that increases store productivity.
  • Voicemail Archive
    Never a question if something was filled incorrectly. Pause, rewind, or repeat Doctor or patient voicemail’s, even years later.
  • Improve Productivity
    Interruptions and distractions are reduced. This allows you to be more effective both behind the counter and during patient counseling. Increased productivity is noticed right away and can even prevent the need for additional staff members.

Advanced Stand-Alone IVR Features

Outbound Calling (OBC)

Using information from your pharmacy software we can automatically call your customers to let them know that their prescriptions are ready for pickup. Free up staff for other tasks.

**Features may vary based upon pharmacy software vendor.**


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