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Online Refills

The convenience your customers need to get the service they deserve.  Make sure you cover all aspects of refilling prescriptions by offering fast, effective solution online.

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Refill Your Prescription Anytime, Anywhere.

Our on-line refill solution allows pharmacies to accept prescription refills on the web. This refill system connects to the pharmacy system via a secure WAN connection and can provide instant feedback of prescription information. Once the request has been submitted, the request is delivered to the pharmacy either by email or directly into the pharmacy management system. This online refill system can be integrated into a customer’s existing website or a unique website can be built around this system. We have a full-time design team that can create a website specifically to your needs. You will have a website that is unique to your business and has the look you desire.

Online Refills Features

With our online refills interface, you can make the internet work for you.

  • Latest Technology
    Provide customers with the latest technology. Quick and Easy refill solution for technology driven customers.

  • Integration
    Can be integrated into existing websites or we can design one for you.  A website as unique as your own business.

  • Queued In Pharmacy System
    Prescriptions are queued in the pharmacy system and ready to be processed or can be delivered to the pharmacy via secure email.

  • Stand-Alone System
    Can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with all other Vow products.


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