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Mobile Apps

Be up to date with our new Smart Phone App that allows your customers the convenience to process refills right from their phone.

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Refill Your Prescription Anytime, Anywhere.

With our mobile apps, we tailor to your pharmacy.  Customize the app with your name, your colors, your logo, and your information.  The app is listed in the Google Play Store and App Store in your name.  No standard app that makes you choose which pharmacy to access.  It’s customized for you.  Customers can access detailed information about their prescriptions, process prescriptions that come directly to your software vendor.  They can transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy, and also contact your pharmacy.  If you have multiple locations, the customer can choose which locations, and get driving directions. 

Mobile App Features

With our mobile app for your pharmacy, customers can refill prescriptions, scan in their prescription number, get detailed information about prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, access other locations, get driving directions, and more.

  • Refill Prescription
    Customers can access detailed information about their prescriptions as well as requesting refills that come right through to your pharmacy software.

  • Transfer Prescription
    Move and transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy by using the app and sending email of transfer request.

  • Bar-code Scan Prescription
    Use the camera on the phone to scan the bar-code for the prescription number to access information about prescription.

  • Choose Multiple Locations
    If you have multiple pharmacy locations, the app can access all locations centered into one single app.

  • Directions to Location
    Users can access the phones native maps and direction option to get directions to the pharmacy.

  • Contact Pharmacy
    Contact the pharmacy either by calling or send a quick message through the app.


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