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IVR Solutions

Perfect Solutions that are Secure, Reliable, and Accessible

Security and privacy matter to both you and your customers.  Vow IVR Solutions perform the most secure and reliable platform around.  With security measures in place, you and your customers can trust all solutions are up the standards needed with confidence.  See what IVR Solution works best for you.

TalkRx Sky Solution

With multiple options for fail-over, TalkRx Sky increases your stores stability and reliability over traditional phone equipment and service.  Gone are the interruptions due to power, phone, or internet services as well as equipment failures commonly experienced with on premise phone equipment. 

TalkRx PBX Solution

TalkRx Sky actively monitors your server and protects your data in real time.  From multi-factor authentication, to automatic intrusion prevention, we know you are protected.

TalkRx Stand-Alone IVR Solution

Receive calls from you existing phone system and migrate to the stand-alone solution which can be customized for IVR greeting, or just for refill requests into your software vendor.

Communicate.  Better.

TalkRX Sky changes the way you communicate with customers, and improves your day to day operations by giving you the ability to use all the new features and options available such as the following:

  • HD Voice Quality Calls
    With our end to end digital infrastructure, call quality has never been better.
  • Electronic FAX
    Gone are the days of paper faxes.  You can send and receive paperless, or still use your existing fax machine.  Faxes can even come directly into your pharmacy system.
  • Voicemail Archive
    Never a question if something was filled incorrectly. Pause, rewind, or repeat Doctor or patient voicemail’s, even years later.
  • Use Remotely
    Add phones to remote locations with ease or connect multiple locations together for seamless transfers, and inter-store communication.
  • Prescription Refill IVR
    Take prescription refill requests directly through the IVR system and integrate with your software vendor that increases store productivity.

Advanced TalkRx Sky Features

Outbound Calling (OBC)

Using information from your pharmacy software we can automatically call your customers to let them know that their prescriptions are ready for pickup. Free up staff for other tasks.

Multi-Site Setup

Connect Multiple locations together.  Easily communicate between stores or transfer callers to other locations.  Ask us about our central call solution for your stores.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Send and receive text messages directly from your pharmacy phone numbers.  Communicate better.

No Busy Lines Ever

With unlimited lines, our platform is built to scale with you.  As your business grows we are up for the challenge.


Connect with Patients, Doctors, Insurance Companies, and more with a single click directly from within the pharmacy management software.

Fax Integration

Save time and paper with incoming faxes delivered directly into your pharmacy system.  No more scanning or printing.

No More Phone Bills

Ditch your bill for voice and fax lines as we handle all that.  Our cost effective solution handles all of your needs with Unlimited phone lines, IVR, Outbound Calling, and Fax lines for all your devices.

Music On Hold (MOH)

Load and manage your own hold music for your phone system for a more personal touch.

**Features may vary based upon pharmacy software vendor.**


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